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Johnny Hard

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
5:40 am
WENT to the club. got humped. got drunk. and now home. not exaclty how i would have liked to have been, but i somehow i had some fun.

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
1:17 pm - NARF
Yesterday was an ok and blah night at the same time. I had gotten my tattoo done. my tattoo is bigger and a lot painful than i expected. i only paid 350 for it. i like it. i was lucky enough for my friend zanna to show up for half of the painful section. she did leave afterwards, and that is when the real pain started. it hurt so much and i felt dizziness some many times. he poked and literally poked on me so the design would have a stone rock affect.
as for the night, mike tells me that i a tried to much. i can never help it.
today my family and i are going to the macon mall. of course i have to stop at hot topics. hopefully they will have my MXPX buckle that someone really stole from me here. that thing just dissappeared! that shit still pisses me off.

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Friday, March 25th, 2005
3:50 pm
now in ga. just laying around, seeing old faces, hearing all drama from the other side of the family. i am going to actually go out this weekend to the club. i hope to go to to at least one "rave". i have been looking at cars, i might buy a new one, an actaul new one.

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
1:33 am - this friday!
this friday at around 9pm i will be in warner robins, so watch out for CHAOS.
it will be nice to be home again. i cannot wait to have home cook meals, go to the evil,lame, and cool clubs in atlanta/macon. i hope to go to at least one punk rock concert, i soo need that. oh yeah i am so going to six flags!

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
10:18 pm - fuck you, fuck you , and fuck society too
fuck i hate my job! i got screwed over for the 20th time. there were moving people around the sections,,, and then fuckers turns to me and says, "i hope you realized that i sincerely regret that you will be staying in the PSC area for the rest of your time here." he claims we are low man and i am not going to be here that long and blah blah. i know that noone understands my job and the stupid shit that i go through i suppose the best example is that i am just like that guy from OFFICE SPACE..and i am like KUMAR from HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE (i love that movie)..i get screwed over and over just like those characters did in those movies. i am so fucking depressed and i was all day long..but i was mostly showing my anger towards everyone who got near me. i might have said like 10 words for the whole day ( i mostly say 100 not including "sir").. this bastard had the nerve to ask me if i was "ok" and if i was going to be ok...i was walking out the door to go home..i guess he got the point when i slammed the fucking door...but before that he mubled..."um um i guess we can talk about it of your next duty day"
i believe i am going to hide in my room and not speak to anyone for the next some many days
i hate life sometimes
i want to know who i pissed off for me to have all these fucking things happen to me and for people to shit on me
so instead pissing him/her/them off in the past, i can beat them with a fucking bat and hit them/him/her on the head with a hammer and piss and shit on them
fuck all of you!

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
8:36 pm - "all i need is a phat beat, take me to the club"

there is a lot of movies that i would like to watch, movies such as GO. i like those rave drug type of movies. i accidentally came across this movie while trying to download other movies called PARTY MONSTER. once i started watching i could not stop.

it has seth green (i like actors that are my height, he just happens to be just a bit shorter than me, but he is still cool along with jet li). i am not sure about that culkin dude...he was sort of disturbing in the movie. and marilyn manson was in it too...i did not realized it was him until i was reading some reviews for the movie. the soundtrack is really good too= http://www.tvtrecords.com/partymonster/

this one of those movies that reminds i need to be dj..."dj keoki" reminded me.that. the costumes were great. if i were to have one of the costumes from the movie, i would like to wear the one with the big wings...i want those big wings.....but there was any real kisses.and NO I DO NOT look LIKE THAT CRUZ GUY FROM MY SO CALLED LIFE....i hate it when people say that!...."fabulousnesses"... overall the movie was funny and memorable....but it had a one or two disturbing scenes

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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
1:45 pm
there has been quite a few volunteers coming in to the shop today. most of them smell so good and they are so cute, specially the one for today and the one from 3 days ago. i get like really close to them when i am training them when in actually i just want to make out and fuck!
i mailed out my box to honduras today, i really hope my family get the box. the post offices of the country does not accept insures,return receipt,delivery confirmantion and shit like that. i really hope that no fucking asshole steals shit from the box. in the box there is jewelry (gold/silver cartouches),hats,clothes,japanese stuff,etc; stuff that people would steal. i hope noone steals the stuff, and i hope my family get all the stuff in there.

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Friday, February 11th, 2005
1:51 pm - when i went to tokyo

  tokyo was so fucking awesome. i plan to go there at least once more. it was so big and so fucking awesome, there are just not enough words to describe it. i went to sega world (fucking awesome place, rides and video games there), went to disney world ( i had fun there, even though whoreness went too), big fucking colorful buildings, and train rides were cool too. for those that have a copy of TOKYO BASTARD (my home movie of my tokyo adventure) and actually watched it, then you might understand all the greatness. there is a lot of greatness that i did not get a chance to video tape, because whoreness was being a whore...and i was drunk too. i also met a few cool people there.



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1:56 am - the whore and the BOI that forever broke my heart

the two people that i might have been super infatuated with last year and half.
hiromi is a japanese girl that i went out for maybe 4 months. i thought that maybe she would been the one that i would have married. i guess that is just stupid me. this picture of her when we both went to tokyo (which i happen to pay for everything, and shit there is not cheap). in those days she told me that she did not like me and that she still loved this black guy..is a long story and i won't get to here.

matthew veljikovic ( i think i spelled his name right). i met matty thru this website called


he is an english teacher in tokyo.  he is australian (he has that hot accent). we would always talk online. i could not wait to meet him. and i finally had a chance to meet him (that time when whore and i went to tokyo ...fuck she pisses me off). he was just too fucking awesome, he was probably everything that anyone would want in a guy. i bet if it was not for him i would have been able to engulf tokyo the way it was meant to be. he made tokyo awesome for me.

we do not talk anymore...for reasons i will not list and reasons i do not know of. but when i watch the old videos that i have of him and i (no they are not pornos..it might been sadder if they were) it makes me sad.

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1:38 am - these are my main japanese friends

munetoshi and muira, both of them happen to be good friends..i just happen to be in the middle. they are fucking awesome. you would think that the fuckers that i work with would have shown me around the city. it took complete strangers to do it.

i met these guys at the lame club we have here. i was so fucked (drunk) and all of the sudden i started talking to them. they thought i was funny. i thought i would never see them again....and a week later Munetoshi was in one of my classes (government). he remembered me..and i was like "whoa!" By the way we both the class because we were both being stupid (we sat in the back). we would go out a lot and hang out (go to the mall,drink,eat,go to each other places,drive around).

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1:13 am - i thought that i should post old pictures before i put the new ones

these are old pics of me. since i could not post pics before and now i can....i should show the old me before i show the progress of project shadow

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
10:56 pm - test for pictures

i love trent reznor so much! he is my dad, but he does not know that yet. he is one of my biggest inspiration. if i were to have a list of the sexiest men in my life, he would rank numero uno!

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
7:10 pm - darn it!
nothing new. ate ice cream and pizza and now i am fucking fat. is so hard to "eat healthy" because i am always fucking hungry all day long. i love apples though. i like apples and apples like me..so yeah for me!
the fucks at the PO are making us (airmen) work 12 hours straight for the next month and a half. (and we do not get paid extra..that is the military for you..if you were civilian you would get paid times and half or some extra shit like that...or just yell "fuck you" and walk the fuck out.)that fucks me up big time considering that i always come tired and it makes me all fucking tired! most of the time when i come to my room all i want to do is lay around. this asshole schedule fucks me up because i take classes and i go to the gym. this wednesday and thurdays i have midterms exams for my classes and i really do not want to fail them...i am tiring of failing shit!
i am about to go to class now and hope fully i do not fallasleep just like i did last week and just like how when i was studying today.

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
11:22 pm - i was on fucking tv again!
for those that fucking missed it!
i was on tv! while i was deployed
i did not know that this was on the internet
until HOTTNESS= thomas pratchett found this on the internet


the fuckers mispelled my name on the next one!


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Sunday, January 30th, 2005
12:39 am - i think i like all of the ministry of sound cds
i went to work today. wow it was lame. i was so tired when i went to my room. feet hurting, and feet hurting. i was annoyed by fucking people. all day i kept thinking of the ministry of sound cds, and how i was tiring of hearing the black people music playing on the radio. at least they have finally played new fucking music, not the same "i am going to slap a bitch..yadayad yeah shit.." now they were going playing," bitch i am going to slap a hoe..." same idea just sounded different.
i cannnot wait until i pursue my own dreams, not this dream of someone else's. i know that i will not do this for long and change the things how i would have liked them for me. instead of lving someone else's and always proving other people wrong, i am going to do what i really want to do.

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
1:46 am
so lo estoy probando como poner acentos en español.
mañana yo voy a snowboarding, entoces tengo que ir a dormime en un ratito.
ojala que yo me divierta.

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
10:04 pm - Today in class.
I have been so pissed off at myself because i have not done that much school, even though i half way done with my 2 year shit, i am still dissapointed that i still have not finished. i could have been a great artist by now, but instead i joined the lame military.
i almost did not go to school ( i do this a lot specially when there is a test or quiz that i did not study for, then i tell myself by not going and making it up later on because i would study which most of the time i do not study) but i sucked it up ( like lots of things that i suck, some pleaseant, others not, others just nice, hard and pink/white...i refuse for them to be black that just nasty)....i am glad that i did not miss class today....because it was an open notebook/book quiz...i have not had one of those since...(crickets) for a long ass time. Also today in class a dude touch me...not sexually...i just wanted to make it sound interesting....we were poking at each others' tattoos...well anyway he was showing me his tattoo...and i was like "wow" it was so pretty and very brightly colorful. i have another fucking reason why i cannot wait until i go back to lame georgia...so i can get super pretty colorful tattoos.

Gudger left today, he sighned up Air Force Shaping (a shit lets you get the fuck out of the military fast). Now he is officially a Mr. Gudger Not a piece shit soldier/airman etc. He made me realize, (as if i did not know this already that i need to get the fuck out fast...but i do not because i want to go to Europe, which by the way i get to go there in July. The place that i am going is called Norwich, England)how happy i could be if i was a civilian going to a real school. We stayed up drinking and talking and remiscent on past events. I think i am going to miss him...( ok i got over it, we were ok friends not super tokyo best like brown and i are). We also watched HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE....i like that movie a lot. Not only did it have my fucking name on it, but i could relate to it a lot (how minorities get pushed around, how school is fun because you are not in the fucking military, etc etc)
ok i am running out of things to talk about. and this person beside me is not helping kill time. i am here because i waiting for breakfast/dinner line to open. so i can go home and listen to ministry of sound annual 2004.

current mood: calm

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
7:14 pm
today i leave at midnight..for sure.
i am somehow nonchalant about it.
i also found today that i am going to be stationed MILDENHALL,(NORWICH),ENGLAND NEXT. that is cool! that is only few moments away from london,spain,italy,germany! yeah for me!

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
12:20 am
i am leaving this disgusting place this fucking friday....that is fucking awesome.
i should be back in japan by monday....
that is one of the best news that i have heard since i got here.
chaos control

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
9:59 pm - mi arte
I am looking for art schools in Europe to see what is over. i am just looking for now. i think that i rather try to follow my happiness somewhere i belong. my new year's was very lame then again so was xmas and halloween. i hope to make up for them some day soon.
brown and everyone who was ever been my friend has pissed me off. i guess i am never going to have real friends. all they want to do with me is use me, give them company when noone wants around, give them rides to the fuck ever, liste to their problems, etc.
but when i need something from them or i want them to listen to me...they do not want to. they give lame ass excuses.
the new years was a fucking joke. they dropped a fucking disco ball from a big ass tent...wow. i babysitted drunk people, who they were telling me their problems. and when i wanted company or attention they left me cux they saw who they wanted to be with.
i gave out all of my glowsticks bracelets. i gave them mainly to hot brittish and aussies. that was my way for me to be acquainted with them....i think it might have worked.
dapkins a.k.a "captain america" is a fucking dumbass 14 years staff sergeant who gets off from making everyone else's life misreable. he is a lame fuck and noone likes him.
he bitch at us airman for coming in at exactly one minute late. he is always making fuking rude remarks to me about third world countries and minorities. the last little comment he did the other day involved in him printing a whole bunch of pointless paper, that was not necessary. i told him jokingly,"hey, you are wasting away all of my Honduran trees,"
he replies
"uh,huh,uh...that is ok that is what third world countries are for. they are only there so the american government can keep making money off from them..."
that shit pissed me off so much...
i told him a few minutes
very calmly," please do not make any more third world countries remarks"
the bastard apoligized, but i could tell that it was not a sincere one.

well blah. nothing else has happen so
the end

current mood: irritated

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